Classroom and Conference Room Facilities

An overview of equipment available in classrooms and conference rooms in Warren Weaver Hall and at 60 5th Avenue can be found in the classroom calendar. Room reservations can be requested from the calendar as well. Capacities listed for each room in the calendar do no include the instructor/speaker.

The rooms are all equipped with AV equipment that can be used for instruction, seminars and meetings. The large classrooms on the first and thirteenth floors of Warren Weaver Hall have in-room computer and audio systems, as do the large classrooms on the first floor and in the basement of 60 5th Ave. Smaller classrooms and conference rooms in Warren Weaver Hall have ceiling mounted projectors and connectivity for a laptop. Conference rooms on CS and CDS floors in 60 5th Ave (will) have either monitors with laptop connections or projectors and in room computers.

In addition, portable projectors can be borrowed as needed for use in spaces that do not have projectors installed. For more information on borrowing a projector, please send mail to

AV Equipment in Warren Weaver Hall and in CS and CDS Space at 60 5th Ave

The equipment in WWH and on floor 3-7 of 60 5th Ave is managed by Courant's IT staff. In-room computers are on the Courant network and require CIMS credentials to access. Once logged in, you will have direct access to your Courant files.  For classroom and AV emergencies in Warren Weaver Hall or on floors 3-7 in 60 5th Ave, please call the emergency number that is posted in each space or send email to We also have a classroom help page with instructions on how to make use of the classrooms' equipment.

AV Equipment in classrooms on lower floors of 60 5th Ave

The equipment in the classrooms and conference rooms on the first and second floors and in the basement of 60 5th Ave are managed by NYU Campus Media Services, with the exception of basement conference room C15, which Courant IT manages. Each room has a computer, some of which are installed to do lecture capture, as well as HDMI and VGA cables for connecting a laptop. Each room has a a portable Crestron tablet sitting on a charging stand on top of the lectern.  Normally, you would probably find the Crestron in sleep mode. You just need to tap it to get the options screen to appear and this allows you to choose whether to use the in-room computer, the HDMI laptop connection or the VGA laptop connection. It also gives you options to increase, decrease or mute either speech or program audio. Please be sure that the Crestron is on the stand when you leave the room.  If you find the monitor powered off, you should find the power button on the left hand side of the back of the monitor.

The in-room computers are open access, so there is no need to login. They are reimaged regularly, so if you copy files to work spaces on those computers, you cannot expect them to remain there from one class session to another. Therefore we recommend following Campus Media's advice and either use a laptop or keep your class presentation materials on a USB flash drive that you can take with you to class when you teach. Also, please note that when accessing your CIMS, NYU or outside accounts from those in room computers, you should make sure you are completely logged off those systems at the end of your class or meeting. Details regarding what each room has can be found on the campus media information pages.

For classroom emergencies on the lower floors of 60 5th Avenue, Campus Media maintains a satellite office in room 200 of the building, which can be reached at extension 212-992-7300. Their main extension is 212-998-2655. Requests for emergency assistance, as well as problem reports and general questions about classroom technology beyond Warren Weaver Hall and 60 5th Ave can be directed to  that extension, or to the campus media website.

Information on Classroom Equipment in Warren Weaver Hall

CIMS Classroom Calendar

Information on Classroom Equipment in 60 Fifth Avenue

Classroom Facilities Outside of Warren Weaver Hall

Problem reports and general questions about classroom technology outside Courant's facilities can be directed to Campus Media's main office, at extension 212-998-2655, or to the campus media website. Campus Media has a satellite office at the 60 Fifth Avenue building. Contact information there is:

60 5th Avenue
Room 200

For classroom reservation requests, contact NYU Classroom Scheduling.