The credenza in 527 houses the following components:

  1. PC running Windows 10
  2. HDMI cable with adapter ring attached, including USB C -> USB A adapter
  3. USB A cable for connecting to the front camera for Skype or other web confrencing software, with an attached USB C -> USB A adapter
  4. Crestron "touch panel" for control of the two wall-mounted displays, front and rear video cameras, and audio volume
  5. Wireless microphone in the "Supplies" drawer, for lecture capture
  6. Combination recording light/button for lecture capture (see lecture capture instructions in room for use, or email to schedule a recording)

PC/MAC/Laptop Usage

To begin:

  1. If the system is off, touch the Crestron screen to wake up the system.
  2. Log on to the in-room PC or connect a laptop to the HDMI cable.
  3. Select PC or laptop from the Crestron touch screen, then send to left and/or right display as desired. This should power on the displays and send the output of the device you selected to them.
  4. If you are using a laptop: There is a power outlet and wired ethernet cable should they be needed.

For sound:

  • On the Crestron touch panel, use the Volume slider (by touch) to adjust the volume of the room speakers. Note that the output of the wireless microphone does not go to the room, and is only meant for lecture capture.
  • The volume control also has a mute button.

When you are done:

  1. Logout of the PC or disconnect your laptop or other input device.
  2. Exit the system on the panel. You should see the displays power down.

Lecture Capture

Room 527 also has Lecture/Course Capture capabilities, which allows for simultaneous recording of a presentation made from a laptop or the PC and video of the room using the camera on the rear wall. Email to schedule a recording.

Web Conferencing with Skype, Zoom, etc.

The front camera and in-room microphones can be used with web conferencing software. When connected to one or both wall-mounted displays, this allows everyone in the room to see remote participants. The in-room speakers and microphones transmit sound from both ends of the connection, respectively. See the instructions on the credenza for more information about using the equipment or email to schedule a recording in advance.

Send email to for assistance.