The podium in C15 houses the following components:

  1. PC running Windows 10
  2. HDMI cable with laptop adapter ring attached
  3. Podium microphone (wired) and wearable wireless microphone, both of which connect to 6 speakers in the ceiling
  4. Crestron "touch panel" for control of the projector, room audio, and video camera
  5. Combination recording light/button for lecture capture (see lecture capture instructions in room for use, or email helpdesk@cims.nyu.edu to schedule a recording)

PC/MAC/Laptop Usage

To begin:

  1. If the system is off, touch the Crestron screen to wake up the system. Turn the projector and lower the screen by pushing "Display Control" then "Projector: On" on the touch panel (the screen should lower automatically if it's not down). Note: You will see the projector bulb turn on before the projector warms up enough to project an image on the screen in the front. Please be patient.
  2. Log on to the in-room PC or connect a laptop to the HDMI cable.
  3. Select "Laptop" or "Room PC" from the touch panel to display on screen.
  4. If you are using a laptop: There is a power outlet and wired ethernet cable should they be needed.

For sound:

  • On the Crestron touch panel, use the Speech Volume slider (by touch) to adjust the volume on the microphones. It controls both the microphone in the podium and the wireless microphone.
  • Use the Program Volume slide (by touch) to adjust the volume coming from the device that's being displayed.
  • Both volume controls also have mute buttons.

When you are done:

  1. Logout of the PC or disconnect your laptop or other input device.
  2. Exit the system on the Crestron touch panel. You should see the light go off on the projector and the screen raise.

Lecture Capture

Room C15 also has Lecture/Course Capture capabilities, which allows for simultaneous recording of a presentation made from a laptop or the PC and video of the room using the camera on the rear wall. See instructions in the lectern to initiate a recording, or email helpdesk@cims.nyu.edu to schedule a recording in advance.

Send email to helpdesk@cims.nyu.edu for assistance.