Rooms 101 and 102 of Warren Weaver Hall have nearly identical A/V set ups, except for the presence of a course capture system in room 101 (email to schedule a recording). Each has a cabinet with a Windows computer and laptop connection,  handheld and lapel wireless microphones and audio equipment, all connected to the projectors and speakers that serve each room. Switching from the PC to a laptop occurs automatically with a few seconds delay. Please review the instructions below.


Each room has a cabinet, which acts as both a podium and media rack.  In general, the fronts of the cabinets are left open so instructors can access the in-room PC, its DVD drive, and audio controls. Wireless microphones can be found in the supplies drawers. The backs of the cabinets should remain locked. Please do not alter the cabling within the cabinets, as this could potentially disable some equipment, inconveniencing other users and the staff who would have to make any repairs. 

The keyboard and mouse are in a tray at the top of the cabinet, just below the work surface, which slides in and out of the podium. There is also a light on top of the podium, with a brightness control knob at its base, to illuminate the work surface if desired.

Each contains the following components:

  1. A PC running Windows 7, and HDMI cable for a laptop.
  2. An automatic switch that controls which input device is displayed on both the monitor and the projector.
  3. An audio amplifier that goes to the speakers in the room.
  4. Mixer Audio Controls: These allow you to control the volume for a particular piece of equipment.
  5. A storage drawer that contains some extra cables and the wireless microphones, as well as spare batteries for the microphones.
  6. Main Switch: This main switch will turn off everything in the cabinet, so it  MUST REMAIN ON AT ALL TIMES.


Using the Projectors

To power on and off the projector, use the switch on the wall next to the switch for raising and lowering the projectrion screen. Always select the COMP button for the computer. The projectors need a few minutes to cool down and warm up. PLEASE TURN THE PROJECTOR OFF AFTER EACH SESSION.

The switch auto-detects the input of a laptop. Otherwise it will display the output from the PC. Once the laptop cable (extending out of the top of the cabinet) is connected to a laptop, the input device should automatically change. This could take up to 10 or 15 seconds before the image from the laptop is displayed on the screen by the projector. 

Sending the Laptop Display to the Projector

Depending on what type of laptop you have, you may need to adjust your display settings. For Windows based machines, on the Desktop, click with the right mouse button and select Properties. Under the Settings tab, locate the Display drop down menu. You may need to select Multiple Monitors and check Extend My Windows Desktop onto this Monitor. For Apple machines, adjust the Display settings under System Preferences. Under the Arrangements tab, click the Mirror Displays box.

Audio Controls

The audio mixer inside the podium is used to adjust the volume levels for the various components. The mixer has knobs that are labeled for each of the components, including the  wireless microphones, which can be found in the storage drawer. To raise or lower the volume of the device you are using, simply to the correct knob accordingly. Please do not adjust the Master volume.


There are two wireless microphones located in the storage drawer. To use either, simply turn the power switch to the on position and adjust the volume on the mixer, as described above, using the knob labeled MIC. If the power light does not illuminate, replace the batteries with new ones, which should also be in the storage drawer.

When you are finished:

  1. Turn off the projector using the POWER button on the wall switch or remote.
  2. If you are using the PC, log out by clicking on START / Log off
  3. If you are using a laptop, disconnect your laptop, and please return the cables to the cable well by threading them back in until only a few inches are out so the work surface can be left in an orderly state for the next user.


Nothing appears on the Monitor The monitor or computers may be off. Make sure the monitor power is on, and that the Main power switch at the top of the cabinet's interior is in the on position. The light on the switch should be lit. Make sure that the computers are powered on as well.
I have a blue screen with a "no signal" message on the projector You are getting the wrong input or no input. Be sure that the COMP button is pushed on the switch or remote. If you are using the PC or Mac, make sure that the right computer is selected by pressing, in sequence, control, then 1, then enter, or control, then 2, then enter. If you are using a laptop, you may need to adjust your display settings. Otherwise, type Control, then 3, then enter to select the laptop as the input device. Make sure the screen saver or power save are not on (push any key on the keyboard).
The projector doesn't turn on. The projector bulb takes time to cool down and warm up. The light on the bottom of the projector will be blinking red if it is cooling down. Do not push the power button repeatedly. The light on the bottom of the projector will turn from a solid red (standby) to green (operating) when it is turned on via the wall-mounted power button. You will hear the fan start.
The projection is fuzzy or does not line up properly. Be sure the display on the computer is set to 1024x768. Use the AUTO button to reset the projector resolution.
The PC is frozen and I can't reboot. Push the power button on the front of the PC until it shuts down, then push it again to restart.
The keyboard is not functioning. If using a laptop, make sure the USB cable is connected to your machine properly. Otherwise, call the number posted in the room for immediate assistance.
There is no sound from any of the components. Be sure the master power on the upper right hand side of the podium's interior is turned on, and that the power for the mixer is on and the power light is visible.

Send email to if you have any questions, or call our emergency line (posted in the room) for emergency assistance in the classroom.