This room is equiped with a SMART Board 600i interactive whiteboard. The SMART Board can be used just as if it were a standalone projector but also allows for you to use the SMART technologies as well.

Projector Usage:

To use the projector, simply connect your laptop to the VGA cable that is connected to the SMART Board control panel. Press the power button on the switch to turn the projector on. You should hear the projector's fan start up within a few seconds of pushing the power button. The projector takes a few minutes to warm up and cool down, so do not press the power button repeatedly if you do not immediately get an image on the screen.

When you are finished, please turn the projector off.

SMART Board Usage:

You need to download software from the Smart Tech website for Mac or Windows to use some functionality. As of July 2014, the "Smart Production Drivers" software includes all relevant software for Mac and Windows. It includes the "Smart Notebook collaborative learning software" and other drivers. For Linux, only the Notebook is available.

Without installation of any software, touch/pens will work like a basic mouse. You can use for a web-based notebook software with this. (Note: without software there might be alignment issues -- that is the position on the board and screen when using the pen may mismatch)

To acquire a license for the software, please contact, otherwise you can use the 30day evaluation. Once you've installed the software, follow along with the Online Training Video.



Send email to if you have any questions, or call our emergency number posted in the room for immediate assistance.