Room 805 is equipped with a projector, a Windows PC and VGA connection with adapters for Mini Display, USB-C and HDMI

Polycom HDX 7000 system

WWH Room 805 is conference room equipped with a Polycom HDX 7000 system. The system works well with Skype, although it should also work fine with other applications including web browser-based chatrooms. The in-room camera and mic should work with most video chat clients.

Video-Conferencing with Skype

  1. Press COMP on the wall to change the input to Computer 2 for the Polycom system
  2. Use the remote control to power on the Polycom system
  3. On the remote control press the Camera button to select the camera. You can use the arrows and the zoom buttons to adjust the image
  4. Press the Content button on the remote and select Computer 2 to view the computer. Make sure the PC is on.
  5. Log in with your CIMS account, open Skype(Start > All Programs > Skype > Skype), and then log in with your Skype account.
  6. You can check that the camera and microphone are working by going to Tools > Options... > Audio Settings / Video Settings
  7. Make your call as usual


Contact for assistance.