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About Printing

CIMS has a number of  printers for use by any Courant faculty member, staff or student with a Courant computer account . There are also a number of printers in private offices which are generaly for use by the occupants. While there are several color printers on the CIMS network, due to the cost of supplies, use is generally restricted to faculty, staff, and research assistants. Different software generally have their own icons in the interface for printing, and one must take care to use the appropriate software to print certain types of files.

Short-term visitors at Courant may use the shared guest060 account credentials, which are available from faculty or deparment administrators. The password for this account changes every Monday morning. Please note that guest060 is a shared account, so no sensitive documents or personal information should be saved under it. For visitors able to connect to the nyu or nyu-legacy wifi networks or register on the NYU wired ethernet (both require NYU credentials), guest060 can be used to print from personal devices by following the "Printing from a Personal Computer" instructions linked at the top of this page. It is NOT possible to print from the nyuguest wifi. For those without NYU credentials, it is possible to print from public computers at Warren Weaver Hall and 60 Fifth Ave by logging in with the CIMS guest060 account. When using Windows machines, you may need to add the printer you want to use by following the "Printing from a Personal Printer" instructions linked above.

Usage Policy

Like all other Courant technical resources, pinting access is restricted to members of the Courant community using their Courant accounts. These printers are not general NYU resources.

  • Please refrain from printing large jobs or an excessive number of jobs during the hours of peak usage.
  • Please refrain from printing numerous copies of large jobs. These printers should not be used in place of a copier.
  • These printers are NOT for commercial use. Such use can result in immediate suspension of printing privileges, pending an inquiry by the relevant department.
  • Please pick up all printouts or remove your job from the print queue if you can't wait for it to be printed. If you cannot remove a job after following the instructions below, please report it to helpdesk@cims.nyu.edu.
  • Do not change printer settings through the control panel.
  • Banner pages are enabled for all public printers; please do not send mail to the helpdesk requesting that they be disabled. Instead disable it using options:
    • Linux: lpr -P <printer_name> -o job-sheets=none <file_name>

Print Quotas

All printers connected through Courant use our print quota system.  All users are assigned a quota at the begining of each semester.  You can see your current available quota by accessing the CIMS Portal.

To request additional print resources be added to your quota, send and email to helpdesk@cims.nyu.edu.

Printing from the Unix Command Line

To print a text file from a computer at the CIMS lab, simply type the following line:

lpr -P<printer_name> <file_name>

where printer name is the name of the printer you wish to print to( i.e. nhp36 ), all the printers have labels with their designation. To get a listing of all jobs that are currently in the queue for a particular printer, enter the following command:

lpq -P<printer_name>

To remove your particular job from the queue, you can type:

lprm -P<printer_name> <job_id>

The job id here is optional, you can choose to remove a specific print job that you own from the queue.

For more detailed printing instructions see Linux Printing.

Removing a Job from the Unix Command Line

Determine the job number using lpq. Then remove it using lprm. You will only be able to issue lprm successfully for a job from the same machine that the job originated from.

Private Printers

Printers that reside in private offices or semi-private areas should not be printed to unless one has specific permission to do so. If you inadvertently send a job to one of these printers, please remove it immediately. Toner and paper for these printers can be obtained from Michael on the 8th floor. If you have never changed toner and would like to be shown how to do so, just contact helpdesk@cims.nyu.edu and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Due to the cost of toner, all color printers reside in private offices or semi-private areas and are not for general use.

Reporting a Problem

Report all problems with the printers to helpdesk@cims.nyu.edu. Include the name of the printer and a complete description of the problem. One of the most common problems is a printer jam and while we don't mind if you try to remove the offending paper, please proceed with the utmost of care. If even a tiny piece of paper rips off and is left inside the printer, it could require a service call and thus put the printer out of commission for a day or two.

Poster Printer for Courant Faculty, Researchers, and Staff

Courant's poster printer, nhpbig01, is located in room 1026 WWH. We offer poster printing for Courant affiliates presenting at conferences and for Courant staff only.  To request a poster print job, contact helpdesk@cims.nyu.edu with a brief statement about what the poster will be used for and a link to your document(s) as per the following guidelines:

  • Printing takes place during normal business hours, and turnaround time is 48-72 hours, excluding weekends. 
  • Our printer has a maximum horizontal width of 42", and only trims the paper horizontally at the bottom and the top of the print job. Any posters not 42" across horizontally will be printed at one edge of the paper, and you will need to trim the other side. If your poster is longer (vertically) than it is wide and you don't want to trim it, you may rotate it and/or scale it to 42". If it is wider (horizontally) than it is long and you can scale it to 42" wide without unacceptable loss of resolution, you will not need to trim it.
  • All posters must be print-ready, in pdf format at the desired size and orientation. We cannot edit or scale your poster for you, although we can rotate it if you indicate that rotation is required in your request. For best results, poster resolution should be between 150-600 dots per inch at the full desired print size.
  • Please DO NOT send posters as email attachments. Send us a link to download your document from, e.g., Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • We preview all posters on-screen. If we believe that your poster is going to print badly for some reason, we'll do our best to notify you. However, it's up to you to preview your poster at the desired print size and orientation and make sure that all graphics are clear, graph labels are legible, etc.
  • Finished posters will be left in room 1026 of Warren Weaver Hall for pickup, with the name you give in your email on a paper band around the poster. We do not provide bags or tubes for posters, so please bring any additional wrapping or enclosure that you need for transport.

If Courant's poster printer is not available or does not suit your needs, alternative poster printing services are available at:

Poster Printer Resources for Students

Students who need a poster printed for class will need to use alternative services: