Your CIMS account is accessible through a variety of ways. The CIMS account is different from the standard NYU NetID account that is given faculty, staff, and students upon entrance to NYU. If you have questions on obtaining a CIMS account, please check this page. Once you have obtained a CIMS account, you will be able to access your account through a number of means. All accounts and network access are subject to the policies outlined by ITS.

The CIMS account that you now own is available to you at all times, 24 hours a day, everyday. While on campus, you can access your account directly from any number of public computer labs in the CIMS building. You can also access your account on campus somewhat indirectly, but still through a secure connection, from a number of public labs throughout the NYU campus.

In addition to these public computer labs, individuals can connect their personal computers through wired or wireless means at access points on campus or from home. A description of how to connect your computer or use free software from home to connect is given from the links below. Basically any computer that has the free puTTy software installed has the ability to connect you to your account. There are also a few links describing how to make your CIMS home directory appear as a folder on your personal computer. If you want to know how you can bring your pc on campus and connect to the network, the hardware section has info on how to register for access.


Account Access

Local ( on-campus wired connection ) connections

From a CIMS-managed desktop computer, you should be able to login using your CIMS account. From there you can access software and other Couant systems.

How to map your CIMS home directory locally on a personal workstation not managed by CIMS (which should have everything mapped already).

Remote( off-campus ) connections

To login to your Unix account from outside of CIMS you must ssh to one of our Remote Access Servers.

Instructions on remotely mapping your CIMS home directory to a PC via SSH-Tunneling.

Use the NYU Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access local CIMS and NYU computing resources. Once you install and launch the VPN client from off-campus, you can follow the instructions above to map your home directory. The VPN client must be running for the mapping to work outside of NYU's network.

For access to NYU Library e-resources such as JSTOR while off campus, please see the NYU Libraries instructions for using EZProxy.


Network Access for Hardware in CIMS facilities

Requesting Network Access for personal (non-CIMS) computers

For network connections on campus, anyone with a current, valid NYU NetID can connect to the network and certain access points throughout campus. We also provide temporary access for visitors and guests to Courant for the duration of their stays. Please follow the appropriate link below for more information or to register your pc.

Configuring your computer

In order to connect your pc to the network, you may find the following pages helpful.


Faculty/Staff and Students: Wireless Access

This resource is maintained by NYU IT and is called NYURoam. It is accessible by anyone who has a valid NYU NetID and should be available everywhere within Warren Weaver Hall and 60 Fifth Avenue.

For NYU-wide locations where wireless service has been enabled, check here.

NYURoam is New York University's secure, wireless access network. The primary goal of NYURoam is to meet the NYU community's need for flexible, mobile access to NYU-NET resources and the internet, while upholding the University's computer and network security standards.

Access is restricted to users affiliated with New York University. NYURoam service is available to anyone holding a current, valid NYU NetID. This includes all administrators, faculty, staff and students.

NYU IT's NYURoam site provides detailed information about how to configure different wireless clients, access point locations, troubleshooting, etc.


Faculty/Staff and Students: DHCP Wired Access (NYU-NET)

Wired NYU-NET access is also available through NYU IT services.  This is a completely seperate connection method requiring its own registration with NYU IT. This service is accessible by anyone who has a valid NYU NetID who wishes to connect to the network at CIMS via wired connection. Visit NYU IT's page on NYU-NET for information on how to register for this service.

If you have not yet set up your NYU account and need an NYU NetID, go to NYU Home and activate your account. This process only takes a few minutes. Once that's done and you have your password, you can use the account to access the page mentioned above and fill out the application.


Permanent Faculty/Staff: Personal Computers

Permanent faculty and staff who have a computer that they wish to administer themselves may request an ip address for their computer. The current pool of free IP addresses in the various subnets is being outstripped by an increasing demand for them. More and more people are finding it convenient to have a Unix box, a PC, a laptop, and a networked printer in their office.

Though, we will try to accomodate requests for IP addresses on the faculty subnet, we must reserve some addresses for machines that will serve as the primary machine for new members of the Institute. Please only make such a request if it is absolutely necessary.

If requesting an IP address, please include the following information in your email to

  • Full name
  • Office number
  • Title
  • Model of the machine
  • OS running on the machine
  • Ethernet address (hardware address)

Directions on finding the ethernet address of your Windows or MAC computer.

Information on how to configure your computer for use on the network.


Guests and Short-Term Visitors: Wired Access

We have a separate pool of statically allocated addresses for the laptops of guests and visitors to CIMS. These will be essentially for use by people who are not in the NYU NetID database, and are thus ineligible for roaming access. We also give out guest accounts for such people who are here for a short while (ranging from a few weeks to a few months). To obtain one of these, the guest's sponsor should put in a request on behalf of the visitor. The same goes for their guest CIMS account.

If requesting an IP address, please include the following information in an email to

  • Full name
  • Sponsor
  • Office number
  • Title or affiliation
  • Make and model of the machine
  • OS running on the machine
  • Ethernet address (hardware address)


Guests and Short-Term Visitors: Wireless Access

When you attempt to load a site for the frst time after you setup and connect to the "nyuguest"  or "nyuguest-legacy" wireless network, you will be redirected to a login page. There you can authenticate using the guest  username and password, which can be obtained by either  your faculty sponsor or an administrator by logging into the CIMS Portal.

Warning: Though the network is SSL authentication based, traffic is in the clear, so users are responsible for the security of their own data (security measures should be taken as if you were on any public wireless network).

Windows Instructions

Use the Windows wireless connection manager that is set to manage wireless connections on your computer (the default is usually the Windows Wireless Manager, though 3rd party software could be installed).  Select the "nyuguest" or "nyuguest-legacy" network & connect to it.

Once connected, open a web browser and the network will redirect you to a login page where will authenticate using the login information above.

Macintosh Instructions

Click on your Airport icon at the top right of your desktop (if it is not on, select "Turn Airport On").  Connect to the "nyuguest" or "nyuguest-legacy" network by selecting it in the drop down Airport menu.

Once connected, open a web browser and the network will redirect you to a login page where will authenticate using the login information above.


Computing Services at Courant currently administers machines on several subnets:

  • The Warren Weaver Hall
    • This consists of machines with IP addresses of 128.122.80.* and 128.122.81.*
    • Gateway:
    • Subnet mask:
  • The for Computer Science at 60 Fifth Avenue (floors 3, 4, and 5)
    • This consists of machines with IP addresses of 216.165.70.*
    • Gateway:
    • Subnet mask:
  • The for Data Science at 60 Fifth Avenue (floors 6 and 7)
    • This consists of machines with IP addresses of 128.122.33.*
    • Gateway:
    • Subnet mask:


DNS information

The DNS is run by the NYU IT. The relevant information is:




All facilities throughout the Courant network are rated for Gigabit/s speeds or faster.


Problems with the network

Before reporting and problems, please check the following links for updates pertaining to known problems and planned outages.

Please report any problems to