Resolution Font Size Problem

Some monitors make certain application font sizes appear too small to read.  Most applications allow you to zoom in on your document view from a settings menu to correct for this type of problem. For example:


gv - Select "State -> gv options", then increase/decrease the "Scale" as desired.

xmaple - Select "Tools -> Options" from the menu, then select the "Interface" tab and adjust the "Default zoom" as desired.



How can I link my Windows and Linux desktops?

Windows and Linux store the Desktop in different locations.  Fortunately you have the option of linking your desktops if you want.  The easiest way to do that is to login to a Linux computer, copy all your files from your Linux Desktop to your Windows Desktop, replace your Linux Desktop with a link to your Windows Desktop, and re-login to see the changes.  Here's how to do it:

[Login to a Linux Computer]
mv -i ~/Desktop/* ~/.windows/Desktop/
rm -r ~/Desktop/
ln -s ~/.windows/Desktop ~/Desktop